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City Lookup Assistant: 
WebMD has a feature to look up city names. If you are stuck on the spelling of a city that you need for your report, use this handy tool. Includes all 50 states.
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If you have a favorite web site which you wish to share, or if you find any of these links have changed or are inoperable, please  email us   with the information so we can continue to provide you with the best list of transcription resources on the web.
Sample Medical Reports
We are developing our medical report
bank. Use this resource to search for medical terms and phrases. These reports are typed from actual medical dictation.
Your time is money!
The internet is a priceless resource to today's Medical Transcriptionist but sifting through hundreds of web pages to find the resources you are looking for is a waste of time
Time Efficiency:
Transcription411 recognized that internet serching is a huge cause of wasting transcriptionist's time, and therefore we have compiled a list of some of the most useful references from a medical transcription standpoint to cut down on your need to surf.  We have maximized this resource by sending you directly to the page you want; if you want drug information, it will take you directly to the drug search page-- not to the home page which forces you to so more searching.
Stop wasting your time doing internet searches, and then sifting through all the sites that come up to find the one that has the information you are looking for.  Every site we link to is useful from a Medical Transcription perspective. 
Medline plus:
Medical dictionary, drug reference, and physician directories.
Medical Phrase Lists:
This website has long lists of medical phrases and terms, organized into specialties.
Word Differentiation
Homophones, homonyms and similar-sounding words are the cause of many mistakes in medical reports. Bookmark our word differentiation list and use it to double check your iffy terms.
Medical Word Search:
Use our medical term search engine to find what you are looking for FAST! 
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