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transcription411-_01-12001006.gif is the go-to place for modern Medical Transcriptionists to find the resources and support they are looking for online.  Whether you are wondering if this is the right career for you, or you are a seasoned veteran of the industry doing research for your report, you will find an abundance of useful tools and information on this site.
Transcription411, information for medical transcription students and professionals.
Avoid Work-At-Home
Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare. Working at home is possible, and thousands of us do medical transcription at home to earn a living.  Let us help you separate the scams from the real opportunities and find you a place in this great industry.
Medical Transcription Schools:
Since medical transcription is a specialty, it is not something that can be picked up overnight or as you work. Finding proper training is crucial to getting your career off to the right start.
Are you interested in a career in Medical Transcription?

Doctors and hospitals need transcriptionists every day to type their dictation for patient's medical files. The documents that we produce are legal documents and are protected by the
HIPAA privacy laws.
The Online Resource for Medical Transcription Professionals
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What is a Medical Transcriptionist?
MT's are medical language specialists who turn a doctor's dictated patient report into a professionally prepared document to be added to the patient's health file.
Finally, a Legitimate Work-At-Home career!
Medical Transcription is a very rewarding carreer that provides an abundance of flexibility and opportunity. Because of this fact, transcriptionists can easily choose to work part-time or full-time, for themselves or for an employer, work at home or in a medical facility.
A Beginner's Checklist:
What do you need to get started? How much will it cost? How long will my training take? Get all the information you need right here on our website.
Peer Input and Support:
Finally, our Forum will continue to provide you with ongoing support. Post your resume, look for a job, find someone to help you with a difficult dictation. We are here to support each other.
Sample Transcription Reports
Enjoy our selection of sample medical reports and practice with real dictation files.
Classified Ads: Transcription Supplies
Visit our classifieds to find great deals on pre-owned medical transcription books, software and other supplies.
Transcription Products has a great selection of transcription books and supplies. Enjoy safe, secure ordering with
Transcription Career Center
Visit the Transcription Career Center for advice on preparing to get a transcription job, links to career boards and resume services.
Medical Transcription Quick Links:
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